Promoting health and well-being through the application of socialist principles

We stand for:

  • Universal Healthcare meeting patients’ needs, free at the point of use, funded by taxation.
  • Democracy based on freedom of information, election not selection and local decision making.
  • Equality based on equality of opportunity, affirmative action, and progressive taxation.

The views on this blog or tweets do not necessarily represent the views of the Association.


  1. Barbara Ramsden says:

    Our health service is moving rapidly towards the American system, based on making profit not based on need

  2. Methusalada says:

    Your improving, stay with national issues such as the NHS . You cannot & will not be the saviours of the world today, tomorrow maybe ! I like this Andy Burnham lad , warts and all.

  3. andydoc says:

    I’m not convinced that equality of opportunity goes far enough… It is not out of place in a LibDem or even a Tory description of a meritocracy. We must find a more egalitarian Socialist description of equality.

  4. Martin Rathfelder says:

    Would you like to suggest one? We are reconsidering our principles at our AGM next week:

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