I have been employed by the Socialist Health Association since 1999 – currently for 2 1/2 days a week. I do all the administration of the organisation, manage the website  and  organise events across the UK.

I was the Public and Patient Involvement lead for the ASPIRE research programme at Leeds University, and for 8 years a member of the NW Regional Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards. I am still a member of the Primer Group at Manchester University. I’m involved with a number of other research projects based in those universities.  I am paid on a sessional basis for this work.

I joined the Labour Party in 1982 after deciding that selling Socialist Worker on street corners was a waste of time. I have held various positions in the party.  From 2002 to 2015 I was election agent for Sir Gerald Kaufman MP.

I have held various positions representing patients and the public in the NHS in Manchester since 1990: in the Community Health Council, Patient Forums, Local Involvement Networks, as a governor of two NHS Foundation Trusts and with the Clinical Commissioning Group.  I am currently a public/patient representative on the Manchester Provider Selection Programme Board. I am not paid for any of this work.

I am not a clinician. I’m only qualified to teach English.

More about me.

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  1. Sylvia Fleming-Maguire says:

    Thank you very much for the extremely interesting talk you gave at Bournemouth Elstead Hotel last night.Thank you for travelling so far. All the best Sylvia Fleming-Maguire

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