Jessica Ormerod

My name is Jessica Ormerod. I have been involved in the campaign for the NHS since 2010 when as Chair of the Maternity Services Liaison Committee at Lewisham Hospital and Lewisham Public Health Department. I led a campaign alongside Save Lewisham Hospital to protect the maternity services at Lewisham Hospital. I worked for three years with Deborah Harrington as the campaign and policy team for the National Health Action Party. In 2017 I set up the education and research think tank, Public Matters, with Deborah Harrington. We have a particular focus on the changes to the NHS which we view as the Americanisation of the NHS. I believe passionately that the NHS should return to a publicly owned, provided and accountable service. Although we have a strong background in the NHS, we are interested in the interconnectedness of public policy and the impact of policy on the social determinants of health. I have written for Open Democracy and the New Internationalist on the changes to the NHS from the Health and Social Care Act.

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