I am a member of the Council as Defend Our NHS Cheshire, and as an individual. The organisations I work with are apolitical, and do not necessarily share my viewpoint.

Jean Hardiman Smith


My doctorate was on the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI), using AI as a value free mechanism to examine the ethical stances of the majority towards minorities – including the disabled, sick, women, racial minorities etc.

I was later trained on mental health issues at university level + training on chairing/speaking/committee work etc.

I was Civil servant in my working life, including a stint in Downing Street.

Due to congenital health issues I have throughout my life had frequent contact with the NHS as a patient.

Currently I am the chair of the National Health and Care Committee of a large national campaigning organisation. I am also the Health and Care Policy Advisor for another national campaigning organisation. I am a Trustee of a charity focused on good care in all settings, and one of two patient ambassadors for a training and patient empowerment focused community company. Further afield I am a mentor and train trainers in health self-management for an American company partnered with one of their top universities. I work mainly with American and Canadian trainers and patients, with a sprinkling of people from Australia and one from the Far East. Locally I also work at strategy level in the NHS as a patient representative for older people and end of life. I also chair our Patient Participation Group.

I have spoken in both Houses of Parliament and at national and international conferences and at universities. I have also authored a number of papers, two of which have been used as the basis for briefing papers, which were issued at national level, and sent from my organisations to ministers. I have also been on expert panels giving advice on papers issued at an EU level. Currently the panel I attend is working on issues in the formal care setting at the European level.

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