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What I do and hope to do for the SHA

I already blog almost daily for the Socialist Health Association, contributing ideas for discussion.

My recent blogposts are here. Apparently there are between 200 and 300 of them at the moment.

I have a very keen interest in the history of socialism, thinking how the values of solidarity, co-operation, collaboration, reciprocity, social justice, equality, fairness have run through the ages as well as the pooling of resources, planning, ownership and accountability.

Like everyone else, I believe in a universal, comprehensive, free at the point of need health service, but I think it does matter who runs the service. I think the patient voice matters enormously, but the professions need to have their views listened to properly. I think the way managerial targets have been followed has led to big problems in the running of the service (though some targets have operationally have been of benefit).

I actively promote socialism on my Twitter thread @legalaware.

I have written four books: three on the higher postgraduate examination for junior physicians, the MRCP(UK), and one for the general public entitled ‘Living well with dementia‘. I have a strong interest in dementia, and I blog on this separately here.

I continue to support other members of the Central Council, being a regular attendee of Central Council meetings. I have recently been on the Editorial Board, overseeing the introduction of the SHA’s new website (see the article here by the Director of the SHA on ‘web presence’).

Other stuff

[written in third person]

1. Early education

Dr. Shibley Rahman is an academic. Elected to a Queen’s Scholarship at Westminster School in 1987, he subsequently went to Jesus College, University of Cambridge in 1993. He obtained the second highest First in the Natural Sciences Tripos in neuroscience in 1996, being awarded his BA(Hons.) degree in 1996.

2. Education in medicine and cognitive neurology

After the customary award at Cambridge of his M.A. in 1999, he was awarded his Ph.D. also from Cambridge, for a thesis on the early diagnosis of behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia in 2001 (no corrections were advised to the University). His paper on the specific pathology of the prefrontal cortex in this type of dementia is considered a seminal contribution in its field, paving the way for a better understanding of the disorder; it has been quoted more than 280 times to date, and is cited in the current chapter on dementia in the latest edition of the Oxford Textbook of Dementia.

Having graduated with his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in 2001, he then went onto receive the Diploma of the Membership of Royal Colleges of Physicians (MRCP(UK)) in May 2005. Dr Rahman also completed a post-doctoral academic fellowship at the Institute of Neurology at Queen Square, London, and has published papers in international journals on the freezing-of-gait and quality-of-life of individuals with Parkinson’s disease. His continues to be actively interested in the functioning of the brain through participation in the social brain project as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Commerce and Entrepreneurship.

Dr Shibley Rahman is very much interested in teaching himself. He has published three best-selling books for to guide junior physicians, on Part 1Part 2, and the PACES part of this difficult test of competence of completion of basic medical training.

3. Legal training

He considers his biggest achievement to be in recovery from alcohol since the summer from June 2007. In fact, with the support of student enrolment from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, he has been able to pursue the Legal Practice Course at BPP Law School, Holborn, London, as a full-time student from January 2012. This course was finally completed in February 2013; thus completing the necessary training should he have wished to pursue a training contract.

He had previously completed his Graduate Diploma in Law/LLB(Hons) at BPP Law School in March 2009. He had also completed his Master of Law by distance learning from the College of Law of England and Wales, whilst volunteering part-time for the Head Office of the British Lung Foundation, successfully awarded with a Commendation in January 2011. Sarah Lewis, publications officer of the BLF at the time, provides this testimonial:

“I loved working with Shibley. Shibley is vastly intelligent – and his degrees and qualifications speak for themselves. For all of his achievements Shibley is an incredibly humble and lovely person to work with. He happily shares his knowlege with all. He enjoys discussing research in law and medicine and has an interest in publishing and design software. Shibley is always learning something new and would be a valuable asset to any organisation.”

4. Experience as a NHS patient

He owes this life-changing event due to the fact that, on 1 June 2007, he was admitted with acute meningitis to the Royal Free NHS Hampstead, having sustained an asystolic cardiac arrest and an epileptic seizure. Previously able-bodied, Dr Rahman was able to survive a six-week coma in 2007, and learnt how to walk again. However, it is not an exaggeration to say that he owes his entire life to the NHS, and how the NHS has provided universal, comprehensive healthcare free-at-the-point of use. Originally in a wheelchair as a clinical inpatient in neurorehabilitation at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, where he had been on the cognitive disorders and movement disorders firms in 2002, he completed his Graduate Diploma and Law and Bachelor of Law from BPP Law School in March 2009. He is therefore strongly committed to, and takes a keen personal interest in, the support of all sick professionals, including sick doctors.

5. Management training

In May 2012, Dr Shibley Rahman was the first person in his full-time cohort at BPP Business School to be awarded the Master of Business Administration, where his examination script on corporate social responsibility and strategy was highly commended (heavily influenced by Prof Michael Porter’s work on corporate strategy and society). He completed his MBA degree in 2012.

This educational background gives him an unique insight into specific policy areas of interest, including responsible capitalism and the privatisation of the NHS. For example, he remains part of a group of health-policy academics writing on the strategic change of the NHS, and this is reflected in his specialist healthcare blogging for the Socialist Health Association. He recently wrote a book review for the prestigious World Economics journal on happiness and behavioural economics, and well-being is currently the subject of his fourth book, being written with the help of seven professors, to be published in May 2013.

6. Political interests

Dr Shibley Rahman has been an active member of the UK Labour Party since 2010, though he has always been a Labour voter from 1990 onwards. He had previously attended meetings of the Fabian Society, and indeed attended Conference in Manchester and in Liverpool in 2010 and 2011, respectively. His official local constituency is the Holborn and St Pancras Ward, and he attended the last ever leadership hustings of Ed Miliband hosted by Frank Dobson MP at Haverstock Hill in September 2010. He has been a member of the Socialist Health Association since 2010, and been a member of Central Council since February 2013.

How to contact

Personal twitter @shibley_rahman

Main Twitter @legalaware (Shibley is Emeritus President of the BPP Legal Awareness Society, an independent student society at BPP Law School for raising commercial awareness amongst law students)

Facebook here.

For a full CV, please see  here.

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