A few words  that may be of help to  the Association in deciding whether they would like me to sit on the Central Council.

I have never been part of the “great and the good ” in the dental world,but for twenty seven years I have been busying myself at the coal face as a dentist working for the NHS.

Not so many years ago,dental decay (an entirely preventable disease) was spread far more evenly throughout our society than is the case now. Overall,particularly in the children who attend the community clinics where I work there has been an improvement in dental health, but this has come along with a marked polarisation in those affected by the disease. Those who enjoy economic and social advantages are also the ones who are blessed with more healthy teeth.

Politically ,I am something of an inveterate old leftie who happens to feel that, as a people ,we would all benefit from a system of health provision that is universal, free at the point of delivery,and funded by a progressive system of direct taxation-probably this does not come as a great surprise as one who is seeking election to the central council of the SHA.

I really quite like the idea of sharing the NHS with  55 million other people as long as we all own it and it works for us all.

Fraternally yours,
David Gresty

Register of Interests:

British Dental Association,
Medical Protection Society

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  1. john c kulka says:

    Yes mr Gresty ..in latin american countries you can identify poorer folk by their shocking dental state..The city of Santiago Chile is notable for this..

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