I am a Labour party councillor in Barking and Dagenham in East London, where I defeated Robert Bailey, the London regional coordinator of the BNP, to become the youngest female councillor and achieved over a 7% swing to Labour.  I have sat on the Council’s health committee for the past four years as a member and now as a chair.  I have led in-depth reviews on maternity provision in our locality, diabetes services and support and the effect of the welfare reforms on mental health.  I used to work in the NHS as the equality and diversity lead for Barts Health, leading on advising the Trust on health inequalities and developing schemes to improve workforce representation of under-represented groups.

I am one of the Labour MEP candidates for the London region and have written articles on why being part of the European Union is good for our health.

I work at Brunel University, in West London as an equality and diversity manager.


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