Callum Vibert

Labour is the party of the NHS, and the Socialist Health Association, with its predecessor in the Socialist Medical Association, has been part of shaping the debate on health in Labour since the beginning. As a young activist and NHS worker of approaching four years, I’ve seen face-to-face the damage that political neglect can do to our health and care services and infrastructure. At a time when the political landscape is changing quickly it is vital that we as an association are there making the case for socialist solutions to the challenges our NHS faces.

I’ve served as Treasurer for a local campaign organisation here in Manchester for approaching two years now, and believe I can bring that experience with me to benefit the SHA. I’m able to make full use of spreadsheets and banking applications, produce user-friendly reports and attend meetings to supply information and recommendations on our financial situation.

As an additional skillset, I have significant experience in digital campaigning, including taking a lead on data and online aspects of a General Election campaign here in the North West. Social media and web design make it cheaper and easier to get our message across than ever, and can be an excellent route to recruiting new members and developing as an organisation – I would be more than happy to make these skills available to the SHA.

With Labour re-emerging as the largest party in Western Europe, socialist societies are in an ideal position to be at the cutting edge of our movement’s policy-making and provide expert input to issue-based activist development. I want to do my part to give the SHA the strongest voice it can, so it can properly contribute when Labour go into office. I hope you’ll entrust me with your vote

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