Alex Scott-Samuel

Professor Alex Scott-Samuel

Alex Scott-Samuel has been chair of SHA since March 2017. He co-authored and proposed the composite motion to fully renationalise the NHS, which was passed unanimously by the Labour Party conference in September 2017. Since Alex became chair the membership of SHA, which had remained more or less constant for many years, has increased by 15%.

Alex is a public health physician, vice chair of Liverpool Wavertree CLP and a member of Doctors in Unite. He is an Honorary Professor in the School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health at Durham University; a Visiting Professor at the University of Chester; and an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Public Health and Policy at the University of Liverpool. He has worked for 21 years in NHS public health and for 21 years in academic public health. He has published widely on health politics and policy, health inequalities, gender equity and health impact assessment. He is strongly committed to the restoration of the founding principles of the NHS

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