Who we are

Who we are

Officers of the Socialist Health Association

Members of the SHA Central Council:

The members of our Central Council are elected, either by the members generally, by nationally affiliated organisations, or by individual branches in accordance with our Constitution.  They come from all over the country and from many different walks of life. Most, but not all, are members of the Labour Party.  Members nominated to Central Council must make a declaration of any financial or personal interests they may have in the provision of health or social care. These declarations are published on the website.

Our debates are informed by varied clinical, political, academic and personal experience in a way which is unusual in discussions about health policy.  The organisations listed against the names of members are not necessarily affiliated to the SHA.

We meet in person normally four or five times a year and have much more frequent electronic dialogue.  Any member wishing to attend or join is most welcome.  The agenda for meetings of the Central Council is drawn up by the Chair and Secretary. Any Council member (or any member of the Association) may propose items for the agenda, which should be forwarded to the Secretary in good time –  2 weeks before the meeting – for the agenda to be circulated to members a week before the meeting. It is open to the Chair to accept urgent changes to the agenda. The Secretary will ask for suggestions for the agenda from members 3 weeks before the next meeting.  A programme of meetings is normally agreed at the AGM. The Secretary will produce draft minutes of Central Council meetings within 7 days of the meeting which will be made available to CC members protected by a password. If no objection is made to their accuracy they will be made public.

List of meetings

List of members of SHA Central Council
Alex Scott-SamuelLiverpoolAlex Scott-Samuel
Alison ScoullerSHA Vice ChairCardiffAlison Scouller
Andrew ThompsonBirminghamDr Andrew Thompson
Antonia BerelsonKentAntonia Berelson
Brian FisherSHA Vice PresidentLewishamDr Brian Fisher MBE
Brian GibbonsSHA Cymru/WalesBlaengwynfiDr Brian Gibbons
Caroline WalshGreater London SHALondonCaroline Walsh
Catharine GrundyBuxton
Catharine Grundy
Colenzo Jarret-ThorpeUnite HealthLondonUnite Health
Dave Watson SHA ScotlandSouth AyrshireDave Watson
David DaviesSHA Cymru/WalesCardiff
David Davies
David MattocksUnite West MidlandsSolihullDavid Mattocks
David Taylor-GoobySHA North EastEasingtonDavid Taylor-Gooby
Doug NaysmithBristolBristolDr Doug Naysmith
Fiona TwycrossLondonFiona Twycross
Gurinder JosanWest Midlands SHABirmingham Gurinder Josan
Guy CollisUnison HealthLondon Unison Health
Helen CranageLiverpool SHALiverpoolDr Helen Cranage
Irene LeonardLiverpool SHALiverpoolIrene Leonard
James GillGreater Manchester SHAStockportJames Gill
Jean Hardiman-SmithSecretaryEllesmere PortDr Jean Hardiman-Smith
John LipetzKeep Our NHS PublicHampsteadJohn Lipetz
Jos BellGreater London SHALondonJos Bell
Judith VarleyLiverpoolDr Judith Varley
Katrina MurraySHA ScotlandGlasgowKatrina Murray
Kieron GillLondonKieron Gill
Lawrence BensonHuddersfieldLawrence Benson
Lawrence CotterGreater Manchester SHAWilmslowDr Lawrence Cotter
Mike GradyShipleyDr Mike Grady
Mike RobertsRushmoor District CouncilAldershotMike Roberts
Neil NervaLondonNeil Nerva
Nicholas Csergo LondonNicholas Csergo
Onkar SahotaLondonDr Onkar Sahota
Patrick VernonHackneyPatrick Vernon OBE
Peter MayerWest Midlands SHABirminghamDr Peter Mayer
Rene SmitRichmondRene Smit
Sharon HolderGMB HealthLondon GMB Health
Sina LariLondon Sina Lari
Steve BedserWest Midlands SHABirminghamSteve Bedser
Thomas FitzgeraldTreasurerHammersmithDr Tom Fitzgerald
Tony BeddowSHA Vice ChairSwanseaProf Tony Beddow
Tony JewellCambridgeDrTony Jewell
Vivien GiladiGreater London SHAEnfieldVivien Giladi
Vivien WalshGreater Manchester SHAManchester Prof Vivien Walsh

Martin Rathfelder, the director, is a part-time political agitator, paid by the Socialist Health Association, of which he is the sole employee.

Chronological table of officers

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