Founder President of the Socialist Medical Association (SMA) 1930-51 Somerville Hastings led the organisation for the first 25 years. His career combined medical and political expertise. He was an aural surgeon at the Middlesex Hospital and also a Member of the London County Council and Chairman of its Hospitals and Medical Services Committee at a time when the LCC was developing its municipal health services and hospitals.  He was a Member of Parliament  first for Reading and later for Barking. He was the first doctor ever to be a delegate to the Labour Party Conference and spoke in the 1934 debate on the Labour Party programme “For Socialism and Peace” which committed the party to the establishment of a State Health Service.  He was also a keen botanist and photographer.

Somerville Hastings MP

Somerville Hastings MP

An account and appreciation of Hastings contributions can be found in “Why a National Health Service?”, at Healthcare in Hackney,  and in Socialist Proposals for Health Reform in Inter-War Britain: the Case of Somerville Hastings.


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