Dr Rickards, (centre) 1951

Dr Esther Rickards O.B.E (the famous gynaecologist & surgeon) lived in Nightingale Cottage part of the Tarbay Estate.   Esther bred Cocker and Clumber Spaniels for show and became a well-respected Crufts Judge and top breeder in her field.


  1. She never bred Clumber Spaniels, she bred Irish Water Spaniels, Cockers
    Welsh Springers, & Sussex.

    1. Martin Rathfelder says:

      How do you know? I’d like to know more about her

    2. iris Horvath says:

      She did own Clumberspaniels and Fieldspaniels did she bread IrishWaterSpaniels or did David and Richard form next door TarbayFarm
      After she was in a Dutch hospital a workt at her kennels to help her out for a few weeks in the years before i workt during vacations at tarbayfarm kennels and met her every day as wel as her brother George

      1. Ilsa Pole says:

        Hello Iris,
        I would like to know more about Esther’s brother George. Was it George who was a farmer and married to Vera? Did they ever talk about their other brothers? It must have been good to work there with Esther, and I remember her neighbours David and Richard.

        1. Iilsa – are you related to phoebe and Joe pole? Phoebe an ester were my great aunts.

          1. Ilsa Pole says:

            Hello Jilayne, Yes Phoebe and Joe were my grandparents. Would love to compare notes with you. Which of the brothers was your grandparent ?

  2. jilayne rickards says:

    I would like to know more about her too – she was my great aunt !

    1. Ilsa Pole says:

      Hi, My name is Ilsa Pole. Esther was my great aunt too. I have pictures of her and more information. Get in touch – I’m the only Ilsa Pole on Facebook.

      1. F.B. Jacqueline Brigden Henry.

    2. I worked for her from 1963-1968.them came too America.ilved at Nightingale cottage and her brother George lived there also.Her nephew John , his wife Janet and there children immigrated to Canada around the same time…..

      1. F.B. Jacqueline Brigden Henry

      2. Ilsa Pole says:

        Thanks Jaqueline,
        Do you know where John and Janet are now? I remember going to their wedding with my grandmother and Esther. I would love to know more about George.

  3. Martin Rathfelder says:

    If you can find more photos of Esther – or could write a bit about what you know about her – we would be very grateful.

    1. Ilsa Pole says:

      Hi Martin, the family archive is mostly in boxes in storage. I will sort out what I can next time I go there. I have obituaries from the papers, It may take a while but I’ll gather together what I know. All best to you, Ilsa

      1. Sheila Harper says:

        My name is Sheila Harper and Esther Richards is my mother. She is the daughter of Jim and Flo Rickards who lived on Tarbay Farm next to my Great Aunt Esther. My mother was named after her. She came to America in 1952. Her brother John moved his family to Canada.

        1. Jean Hardiman Smith says:

          That is really interesting – can you tell us more?

        2. Jilayne Rickards says:

          Hello Sheila, I am Jilayne Rickards and Esther and Phoebe were my Great Aunts. I’d love to know more about them as we are composing our family tree. Do you have any photos you might share please? I don’t have any of either of them sadly.

  4. Ilsa Pole says:

    I think I went to Jim and Flo’s wedding when I was a child. Somewhere I have pictures – still in storage. I will have more time to organise them after the next few hectic months. Stay in touch!

    1. Sheila Harper says:

      Hello Ilsa! My mother Esther Shepherd (Rickards) just turned 89. Her parents Jim and Flo are always of interest to her and if you have a picture of their wedding, I would be very much interested in obtaining a copy.
      Sheila Harper

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