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The subscription for an individual is £25 a year, or £10 for people on a low income. You can sign up in two ways, detailed below.

We would like to know your name, contact details, address and date of birth and a bit about you so we can keep you in touch with relevent stuff.  If you join we will send you emails about once a month about our activities in general and invite you to events we think you will find interesting. You can see what details we hold about you, change or remove your details, or update us on how you’d like to be contacted at any time by getting in contact with us here. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

If you don’t wish to become a member, you can still join our mailing list.  Please tell us your postcode and what you are interested in.  We will then try to keep you in touch with local events you might find interesting. We won’t give your details to anyone else, and we won’t try to sell you anything.

You don’t have to be a member of the Labour Party to join the SHA, but members can get a vote when the Labour Party selects a leader, just as Trades Union members do, and we are entitled to send delegates to the Party Conference. Over the years we have played a significant part in the development of Labour Party health policies.

Legal and political note on the status of our organisation.


You can print a Membership form and post it to us at 31 Links Avenue, Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port, CH66 1QS. If you use the printed form please remember to sign it! Once completed and signed,  you could rescan the document and attach to an email.

We prefer people to pay by Standing Order, as this takes us less time and trouble. If you set up a payment yourself our account Sort Code is 08 90 29, Account No. 50457904. We will set you up with a membership number to use as a reference for bank payments, just contact us,

We also accept cheques, or indeed used notes, by post.


You can use PayPal, which also processes credit and debit cards. Paypal charges 4.2% commission so you pay a little more. If you are paying the full rate of £25, please use the first form labelled “Full rate”. If you are paying the low-income rate of £10, please use the second form, labelled “Lower rate”. After sending your form, you will automatically be re-directed to PayPal. We will send you a membership number to use if you don’t want to use PayPal.

Full Rate – £25

The Socialist Health Association will store your data and use it to send you newsletters around once per month, and keep you updated with relevant stuff you might be interested in. You can find out privacy policy here.


Lower rate – £10



The Association has about 1100  individual members across the UK, and about 50 affiliated organisations.

The affiliation fee for local organisations  is £25 and for small national organisations £125.  Larger organisations pay a larger fee by agreement.  The benefits of membership, in particular reduced rates for our events, and inclusion on our mailing lists are extended to any member of an affiliated organisation who wants them.  This includes the members of  Unite, and a number of Constituency Labour Parties and union branches.


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