Anyone who objects to having their details on our database has only to ask and we will remove them.

General Data Protection Regulations

The Socialist Health Association maintains a record of the contact details of its members.  We use this data for our own internal administration and also to circulate information about the body of knowledge on health and politics and about activities which members may engage in to further our objectives. We maintain information about the status of members in relation to the payment of their subscriptions.  We collect and store information you submit to us when making a booking, for the purpose of reserving your requested spaces at our event and maintaining a record of attendance.

We also maintain a record of people and organisations who have consented to be contacted by us. We use this data to inform you of events relevant to your expressed interests. The legal basis for this processing is “legitimate requirements”.

We use Google services to generate maps and provide autocompletion when searching for events by location, which may collect data via your browser in accordance to Google’s privacy policy.

We collect and store information you submit to us about events (and corresponding locations) you would like to publish on our site.

We may use cookies to temporarily store information about a booking in progress as well as any error/confirmation messages whilst submitting or managing your events and locations.

When you register as a member and pay through our PayPal account, you provide some personal details. PayPal may hold data in the EU and sometimes outside the EU.

We will delete information when you cease to be in the categories of people for whom we hold information and either you ask us to delete it or you have been outside those categories for at least three years. We will not supply to any other organisation the identity of anyone on our database without their consent .

We send out details of political meetings to members, but we do not engage in activity which is intended to constitute marketing and if we change this policy we will inform data subjects and seek consent.

If you have any queries, objections, requests or complaints please address them to our Honorary Secretary. You have a right to request the data we hold about you and to correct it. If we do not deal with objections, requests or complaints adequately you may have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner in the United Kingdom. The UK has been identified as our lead regulatory authority for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulations.




  1. Be glad to be listed in your database as a health and social care pressure group, covering West Sussex.

  2. Martin Rathfelder says:

    Certainly will thank you

  3. Angela Young says:

    How about mental health rather than mental illness?

    1. Martin Rathfelder says:

      I think mental health is a very wide term. Lots of the other categories include things to do with well being.

  4. ESCLP DENHS says:

    Enfield Southgate CLP set up an NHS campaign group in June 2016 and it is going strong. There is a lot of cross membership with local pressure group Defend Enfield NHS. Both groups are active affiliates of Health Campaigns Together and NCL STP Watch. We plan to be fully involved with the network of NHS campaigns in London.

  5. Mike Squires says:

    Active in Wandsworth group KONHSP

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