Legal and Political issues

Legal and Political issues

The SHA is an unincorporated voluntary association. It’s not a charity or a company. We are affiliated to the Labour Party, the only political organisation prepared to entertain our agenda with any prospect of delivering it. But our members don’t agree with everything the Party does. Nor are we entirely agreed what we mean by Socialism. We are also affiliated to:

We don’t always agree with everything those organisations do either. We review our affiliations at the AGM each year.Smoke Free Action If you want to support our principles financially without becoming a member, or without supporting the Labour Party, please donate to the David Stark Murray Trust.  This is a charity set up by some of our members.

We sometimes have opportunities for volunteers.

The funding for our organisation and this site comes primarily from individuals and organisations who are members. We make a small surplus from our conferences, this website and publications. Our sponsorship policy lays down the arrangements we make with other organisations. This site carries some advertising but is not sponsored by anyone.  The copyright of material on this site belongs to us, or is in the public domain as far as we know, unless stated otherwise. You are welcome to reproduce our material so long as you give us a credit.  Posts on this site, tweets or links do not all imply that we approve of the ideas or products that other organisations might be promoting. Sometimes the opposite is true.  We hope a wide range of information will promote a healthy debate.  We do not offer clinical advice. This site is not edited by a doctor – the editor is only qualified to teach. See our Communications Strategy.

We have an environmental policy for the conduct of our events.

Complaints, Discipline and Grievance Procedure

Financial Standing Orders

We do not record anything about your visit to this site, except for statistical purposes. We don’t leave cookies. If you email us we may add you to our database. We do not share your email with anyone outside the SHA. We will remove your details from our database on request.

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