What is the Socialist Health Association

What is the Socialist Health Association

The Socialist Health Association is a campaigning membership organisation. We promote health and well-being and the eradication of inequalities through the application of socialist principles to society and government. We believe that these objectives can best be achieved through collective rather than individual action.

We stand for:

  • Universal publicly provided healthcare meeting patients’ needs, free at the point of use, funded by taxation
  • Democracy based on freedom of information, election not selection and local decision making
  • Equality based on true equality of opportunity and progressive taxation

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We campaign for an integrated healthcare system which reduces inequalities in health and is accountable to the communities it serves.  We are affiliated to the Labour Party. Until 1980 we were called the Socialist Medical Association.

We arrange conferences. We publish policies and reports. We provide a platform for debate on health issues.  We are not a doctrinaire organisation. Our members disagree about many things. This debate informs our contributions to the development of the Labour Party’s Health Policy.   Our Annual General Meeting and the Central Council decide our policies according to our constitution, More details are in our Annual Reports .

This is a small organisation, but we have useful resources.  Chiefly we have our members – more than 1000 across the UK.  They include doctors, nurses, therapists, dentists, managers, pharmacists, academics, scientists, patients and citizens. We have nine active branches.  Organisations can affiliate, and Unite, GMB, and a number of local Labour Parties and union branches do.  If you want to join there is a membership form here.

Our database of contacts – about 35000 – is the key to our network which spans health, social care and politics.

Youtube our collection of videos



Socialism and Health – our magazine for members

Legal and Political notes


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