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    There isn’t any real evidence to support the myth that asthma sufferers should not exercise, and indeed it is better that they do. In fact, the myth is most commonly propagated as a way of avoiding the discomfort and pain that comes when symptoms arise. But simply avoiding exercise is a short-term solution to a life long problem; although it used to be believed that people could get over asthma, it is now thought, according to the NHS that “the condition may disappear or improve during the teenage years” but that “it can return later in life. Moderate or severe […]
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    If everyday seems the same as the day before and life is becoming a little tedious then maybe it’s time to change your routine and add a little spice to life. There are small changes that you can make on a daily basis that might make you feel a bit brighter. Cut down your smoking If the first thing you normally do when you wake up is reach for a cigarette then try changing that habit, you can replace them with e-cigs, which you can buy from Phoenix Electronic Cigarettes. These devices are much healthier and don’t contain toxic chemicals […]
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