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Getting money to fund research and  resources to support it for your organisation can be difficult in the current economic climate.  Here we provide some ideas, about how you could approach doing this which involves both using existing sources of funding, raising new finances for research, and /or entering into partnerships with other organisations. Existing funding sources Below, you will find a list of notes and links which are the main sources of funding available for research in the UK, for the funding in the voluntary sector.  This also includes sources of advice and support to doing research.  In general […]
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This article looks at some of the ways in which health voluntary sector organisations currently use research, how new ways of providing support for this are developing. We raise issues with the challenge presented to voluntary sector organisations conducting research in the current economic climate, with regards to the NHS policy context. The new NHS provides both a rationale and (perhaps?) new opportunities to undertake research. For example, this could be to examine the nature of the services (and their outcomes) that patients groups receive, or are likely to receive in new commissioning arrangements.

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