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    The “inverse care law” is the principle that the availability of good medical or social care tends to vary inversely with the need of the population served. Proposed by a GP, Julian Tudor Hart in 1971, it is a pun on the “inverse-square law” a concept from physics. This is hardly a new idea. It was published by another doctor, St Luke, 2000 years ago. In a conversation with Zacheus the taxman, Jesus concludes a story with the pithy comment, ‘I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but from the one who has not, even […]
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    The Equality Trust has published our latest report. Taken for a Ride looks at the inequality within our transport system and finds that the richest 10% of households receive almost double the transport subsidy of the poorest 10%. The report can be found here, and also finds: In total the richest ten per cent receives £978 million in transport subsidy; over three times more than the £297 million received by the poorest ten per cent. When broken down by household the richest ten per cent still gain nearly double the subsidy of the poorest, £294 per year per household compared to […]
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