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    The Public Accounts Committee report on patients’ experience accessing general practice medicine says the Government is pushing ahead with extended hours plan without real understanding of issues. Concerns persist over patient access to GPs In March 2016 the Committee reported concerns that patients’ experience of contacting and accessing their general practices varied significantly between different groups of patients and between different practices. One year on, these concerns persist. The Department of Health (the Department) and NHS England have objectives to improve and extend access, and have made some effort to understand the demand for this extended access, but they are moving ahead in […]
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    Committee of Public Accounts Summary of report on Integrating health and social care: Integration of health and social care services offers the prospect of improving both patient outcomes and value for money for the taxpayer. Two years ago, we expressed serious doubt that the government’s latest integration initiative, the Better Care Fund (the Fund), would save money, reduce emergency admissions to hospitals and reduce the number of days people remain stuck in hospital unnecessarily. Since then the Fund has failed to achieve any of these objectives and our witnesses displayed an appallingly casual attitude to the targets that had been set […]
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