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The psychological impact of a break-in Home break-ins can have an extreme physical and psychological impact on us. That’s why many of us take a steps to prevent intruders from entering our homes: from investing in security doors to installing alarm systems and CCTV cameras, there are many things we can do to protect your property. But, if the worst should happen, what can an invasion of privacy do to your mind? Feelings of contamination and violation The thought of a stranger rummaging through personal and private belongings can leave victims feeling contaminated and violated. In fact, it’s not uncommon […]
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No one wants to talk about their suspicions of mental illness. For most people, the very thought of bringing it up is terrifying. At the same time, you need to get an accurate diagnosis of your problem so that you can receive proper treatment. Here’s how to discuss your concerns with your doctor. Recognize Objective Symptoms There are many objective symptoms of depression. For example, a person with depression may withdraw from society, stay away from friends, cut off close relationships, and start giving away personal possessions. Other symptoms include unusual forgetfulness, and the inability to remember details of events […]
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