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    This book has sought to develop six features of medical professionalism, alternative to those of the Osier paradigm: Where Osier sought association with medical science, while   forced  to  retain  the  customs  of secrecy  and mutual  deception    of    pre-scientific   hope   because (through   the   placebo   effect)  they   were   still  more generally effective than science, we must accept the full implications of experimental science in daily practice, for both groups and individuals, practising an open style of medicine which admits to ourselves, our colleagues, and our patients what we don’t yet know and what we haven’t yet done. Where Osier saw original science […]
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    If positive answers to the defeatism of the Liberal Critique can only be found beyond the present limits of professional­ism, we must look at what those limits are. Traditionally, the main task of doctors has been to respond to the complaints of individual patients suffering from disease, or fear of disease. The profession has always contained a minority, Public Health Medical Officers, Medical Officers of Health, Community Physicians, who are supposed to conserve health in populations rather than restore it in sick individuals; but they are at the periphery, and have not been encouraged or sometimes even allowed to combine […]
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