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    This video from Liverpool vividly points out how essential it is for clinicians to share patient records with each other. In real time, at the point of care. It can be life-saving. It is shocking how so many procedures, mainly in secondary care, can be relatively free of past patient data. Healthy Liverpool Presents : We Share Because We Care from LittleJeff Productions on Vimeo. This is well recognised across the NHS and social care and there are a number of solutions out there. The universal solution is the Summary Care Record on the Spine. This is now available to […]
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    I took my son recently to the Manchester Dental Hospital.  It’s part of Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust where he was born and where the regional genetics centre diagnosed his condition – which affects both his fingers and his teeth The very charming dentist knew nothing about his medical history and didn’t have access to his hospital notes, because the Dental Hospital have their own paper records,  so I had to give her what was doubtless a garbled version of his medical history.  They took a very fancy X-ray of his teeth, but when I asked for a  copy I was told […]
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