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     The future of the optical professions The General Optical Council – the national regulator for the optical professions – has recently published research carried out with optometrists and dispensing opticians to explore the challenges they face at work and how they see the professions developing over the next few years. The research provides some interesting insights into the future of a sector operating in a highly competitive retail market whilst contending with the need to change rapidly to meet the needs of patients and the wider health system. An evolving sector As is the case across the NHS, there has […]
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    It’s always the unexpected problems that catch us out.  A routine visit to the opticians, for example, can prove rather costly if the results of an eye examination deem it necessary for you to need glasses. Suddenly, that bill has increased significantly from the set cost of a scheduled appointment and test, to the price of lenses, frames, fitting and further, more regular visits. It’s reported that 71% of people experience unexpected costs such as this, car repairs, household appliance breakdowns and vet bills, and with the average cost of an optician’s bill weighing in at £195, that can put […]
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