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    The NHS Reinstatement Bill removes the market and the purchaser provider split from the NHS and from 2018, effectively removes all private provision of services (GPs etc. aside).  It returns the NHS structures of the 1980s before there were Trusts and commissioning. There was as much abuse and as many examples of poor care in the 80’s as there is now and the treatment then of the frail elderly, those with mental health issues and those with learning disabilities would now be seen as a disgrace.  There was no more accountability or public and patient involvement than now and the […]
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    Clive Efford’s Bill being voted through hopefully marks the beginning of the end of the era of market experimentation with our NHS. The end of the failed decades long experiment with purchasing as commissioning.   Even the architects of the hated Health & Social Care Act with its aim of bringing about a full regulated market for our healthcare did not turn up to defend what their colleagues now regard as an embarrassing fiasco. No Bill passed now will stop a future Tory administration, with or without a UKIP prop, from completing their mission to privatise our NHS.  No Bill passed […]
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