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    What’s the problem? In his 2015 Budget the Chancellor George Osborne proposed an increased statutory minimum wage rate with a new name, the ‘national living wage’ . Unlike the real Living Wage, his minimum wage rate does not relate to what households need to live decently. The national living wage is a misuse of the idea and name of the real Living Wage; Mr Osborne has stolen the brand name of an established idea known in policy circles for many years. Public discussion of ‘living wages’ shows confusion between Mr Osborne’s minimum wage rate which is not calculated as enough […]
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    Summary and recommendations of the independent report into working conditions in the Care Sector By Baroness Denise Kingsmill CBE. Care matters. People receiving care need support to live comfortably and independently. Older and disabled people might need extra help to prepare meals and bathe, they might need a prompt to take vital medication, and they might need support with conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Care Work is in crisis. People who may be vulnerable are not being treated with the care and attention they deserve. All too often, their only source of support, Care Workers, are exhausted, unable to […]
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