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    We only realize the importance of things once they are gone. Same is the case with health. We take our health for granted. Once it gets deteriorated, we regret the decisions made earlier. Adjusting to life with disability can be a difficult task but it is not impossible. The world has witnessed many personalities who have fought their disabilities and left a positive impact on us. No matter how severe your disability is, control is still under you. Overcoming the challenges seems impossible at some point in life, but it is not. Adjusting emotionally and physically will make your life […]
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    Leading an independent and fulfilled life is vital for all. As you get older or if you suffer from health problems, independence becomes increasingly more important. Mobility aids are a solution. How to retain independence The first thing to remember is that those whose life has changed as a result of age, illness or accident will be scared. They’ll worry about their future, how they will cope with their new lives, and the challenges and the problems that they may encounter. You should, therefore, help them to realise that even though they may need to adjust their lives, change, though […]
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    These are the amendments submitted by the Labour Party Disabled Members Group to the Labour Party policy process Work and Business: Page 7 line 45 add at end: “Disability harassment is a particular problem for disabled people at work, and we will legislate to outlaw bullying and harassment in the workplace, introduce a Dignity at Work Act, and reinstate the third party harassment aspects of the Equality Act 2010 to protect people who are harassed by members of the public while at work.” “Labour will introduce: A statutory right to disability leave to challenge abuse of sickness absence to get rid […]
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