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    I have often wondered, during all the discussion of whether one’s local hospital should be shut down, whether hospitals are safe places for patients to be in. Let me rephrase that. Are they safer places to be in, rather than your own home? I tend to think, surely, that clinicians can’t think hospitals are particularly safe places to be in, otherwise they wouldn’t be in such a rush to have them ‘flow’ in and out? But there are of course economic considerations, for example the cost of a hospital bed being more than the cost of a bed at the […]
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    We are becoming known as ‘generation rent’ and so, it is safe to say, getting on the property ladder isn’t easy. Therefore, when we finally do, we expect we will move on when we are ready, perhaps to upsize or change locations – house repossession is the last thing on our mind. That is until the day we find ourselves in debt – debt that spirals out of control so quickly that suddenly losing our home becomes a very, very real possibility. House repossession comes about because you are in debt and debt doesn’t happen overnight. It will have been […]
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    Finance guru Martin Lewis described the link between mental illness and debt as a “marriage made in hell” in the Telegraph earlier this year. The piece states that people with mental health issues are four to six times more likely to have some form of debt crisis than those without. It’s a cyclical and deadly problem, because both sides of the issue feed each other. For those vulnerable to mental health fluctuations, debt can accelerate the feelings. Those who are depressed or suffering from anxiety might feel extra feelings of pressure and helplessness, especially if people they’ve never met contact […]
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