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    “Have you noticed doctor? She can’t see you.” The care home staff, had described Marjorie as “Not herself”. Her chest was clear, her urine was clear. She was chatting quite normally to the daughter sitting on her right. But her other daughter had spotted a subtle change. Sitting on her left, it was as if her mother couldn’t acknowledge her. I checked out the daughter’s assessment and had to agree. When I moved to the left, as far as her mother was concerned, I didn’t exist either. As a socialist GP and Councillor, I know how her daughter feels. Or […]
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    This is a comment which was first posted in response to a blogpost here. Politics is in a massive state of flux at the moment, due to the total distrust of politicians in all the major parties. Neo-Liberalism has been the driving force in politics and so has been the instrument that has brought centralised control over every aspect of peoples lives, leaving them feeling powerless and disenfranchised. The institutions that have propagated such myths as the “deficit” have exploited the ignorance of the masses to privatise our public services. Most know that they have been duped by the politicians […]
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    This Saturday, what felt like a large number of the Fabian Society’s 7000 UK members gathered at London’s Institute Of Education for their 2013 Conference. Set up in 1884 by Beatrice and Sidney Webb, the Fabians are the left’s oldest think-tank, an ideas forum affiliated to the Labour Party that has previously counted such well-known figures as H.G. Wells, Virginia Woolf and John Maynard Keynes among its acolytes. Dubbed ‘Next State’, the conference’s focus was on Labour’s 2015 manifesto content and what policy pledges should be made. Ed Miliband made an address and members attended breakouts to discuss a variety […]
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