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    Three months ago my wife contracted lobar pneumonia – out of the blue. One minute she was completely fit and healthy and the next she was in hospital with ITU outreach buzzing around. It was all very, very frightening. She received brilliant, timely treatment – intravenous antibiotics within an hour of arrival in ED, compassionate and skilled care from excellent doctors and nurses – and was home in three days. She made a good recovery and there was no paperwork to do or bills to pay. The NHS did what it does best. It was no more or less than […]
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    As if meeting your maker was not enough bad news itself, it seems that the cost of dying has soared by more than seven times the rate of inflation in the last year. Fuel poverty has often grabbed the headlines in recent times but funeral poverty is actually quite a big issue and if you haven’t made provisions to leave enough money for your burial by taking out life insurance, then it could well be that you can’t really afford to die. Funeral funding shortfall It is estimated that funeral poverty, which can be used to identify the total amount […]
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