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    Life is not limitless. Ageing is a process you cannot stop. Everyone needs to face the old reality at a later point in life. So if you feel that your loved ones are facing difficulties in everyday activity, then assisted living centres are the right place for them. Older adults who are in the intermediate stage of ageing may experience Dementia. Assisted living centres may be the right place for seniors undergoing chronic diseases related to ageing where relevant housing arrangements are made to benefit the caregivers and seniors. If you feel that your loved one is not able to […]
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    The latest NHS reforms have promised to pave the way for better at home care for the elderly. By integrating home care services with local providers, the hope is that this will provide a number of benefits, including freeing up much needed hospital beds and providing better end of life care. But opponents to the reforms are not convinced. Instead, they believe that even though more elderly people may have the ability to keep and live in their own homes, the quality of services on offer is not likely to improve. A System in Crisis The elderly health care system has […]
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