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    It goes without saying that you need your heart to beat to a regular rhythm if you are going to enjoy a normal healthy life and be able to exercise regularly. If you have suspicions that perhaps things aren’t quite what they should be and you notice your heart racing or you feel abnormally sweaty and faint, these are just some of the symptoms that could suggest you have a heart rhythm disorder. Here is a look at some of the signs to look out for, plus an insight into what causes this disorder and what options are available to […]
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    There are five big killers in the UK today – heart disease, cancer, stroke, lung and liver disease, and they cause 150,000 deaths per year. Heart disease, however, accounts for nearly half of those, at 74,000 deaths per year. That is equal to about 200 people every, single day. Even more frightening is that nearly 25 % of those deaths are in folks who are under the age of 75 and many of those are preventable. There are many things one can do to lower their risk. Below are tips to keep a healthy heart: No ifs, ands or butts […]
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