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    If positive answers to the defeatism of the Liberal Critique can only be found beyond the present limits of professional­ism, we must look at what those limits are. Traditionally, the main task of doctors has been to respond to the complaints of individual patients suffering from disease, or fear of disease. The profession has always contained a minority, Public Health Medical Officers, Medical Officers of Health, Community Physicians, who are supposed to conserve health in populations rather than restore it in sick individuals; but they are at the periphery, and have not been encouraged or sometimes even allowed to combine […]
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    Again General Practitioners have been accused of being responsible for the difficulties in the NHS.  This week the problems facing accident and emergency have been attributed to the out of hours opt out in the 2004 GP contract.  In my previous article I explain that this is not the case, as the number of attendances has been relatively stable and only rising 1 -2% as expected with an aging population. The buck should not stop with the GPs.  Look at the facts.  The success of NHS direct was replaced with the disastrous 111 service, a failing from the top, nothing to […]
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