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    Fabian Tract no 160 THE final aim of Socialism includes the socialization of the national wealth. But before coming to close quarters with this great problem we have to recognize that a large amount of spade work, of a nature less dazzling, perhaps, than direct Socialist propaganda, but not less necessary, must take the shape of organiz­ing for social purposes those services called the professions, which contain a large proportion of the intellectual and trained members of the community, by whose efforts, even though hitherto only to a small degree secured for public ends, the cause of social reform has […]
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    This Saturday, what felt like a large number of the Fabian Society’s 7000 UK members gathered at London’s Institute Of Education for their 2013 Conference. Set up in 1884 by Beatrice and Sidney Webb, the Fabians are the left’s oldest think-tank, an ideas forum affiliated to the Labour Party that has previously counted such well-known figures as H.G. Wells, Virginia Woolf and John Maynard Keynes among its acolytes. Dubbed ‘Next State’, the conference’s focus was on Labour’s 2015 manifesto content and what policy pledges should be made. Ed Miliband made an address and members attended breakouts to discuss a variety […]
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    When things fall apart, you can half expect some form of trouble-shooting to go down. Like the old westerns, the heroes stride into town, gather intelligence, draws guns at dawn and then saunters off into the sunset. In the world of computer hackers, the FBI browse hacker forums, recruit the best and the rest is declassified, possibly to be memorialised in a Hollywood film. However, with the NHS, well intentioned ‘heroes’ [read governments] often trouble-shoot in the wrong saloon, forget to consult the sage old bar managers or replace town sheriffs with bank managers. Envisaging and creating problems where there […]
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