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    Is there more to this than meets the eye? Ed Miliband has promised to restore citizens’ rights to get appointments with general practitioners (GPs) within 48 hours. This makes sense. The 48 hour access rule was part of a set of targets introduced under Blair to reduce waiting time for investigations of cancer and time spent in hospital A&E departments. The NHS’s natural tendency is to grow waiting lists, which Labour knew and tried to counter, but the Tories abolished the 48 hour rule in their enthusiasm for small government. The problem for Labour is that this rule is unpopular […]
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    Full text of the speech It has never been more important than now to have a proper plan for the future of our NHS: Our plan for the future of the NHS starts by making sure that services that have stood apart for too long work together: We need to act to sort out people’s problems as quickly and as early as we can. Before problems get too bad. Before people end up in hospital. Everyone will be entitled to a same-day consultation with their GP surgery. A guarantee of a GP appointment if you need it that day. And […]
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    First published in  One   Nation:   Power,   Hope,   Community, edited by Owen Smith and Rachel Reeves , One Nation Register 2013 Last year, Ed Miliband’s conference speech galvanised the party and began reshaping the political consensus. With that single, striking phrase, ‘One Nation’, he was able to offer a critique of the existing social order under the Tories, whilst simultaneously offering the hope of a better one under Labour. Its great achievement was to be both radical and conservative: it provided an alternative political economy that spoke to contemporary concerns over the economic crisis, living standards and the nature of change, […]
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