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    I am just writing this as me. It isn’t going to be the most perfect piece of prose, partly because the information has come from my husband/carer and because I still feel the fear whenever I think about it. My brush with co-payments was traumatising for me, my husband and could have had very serious consequences – including death. I live with a rare, and potentially fatal condition. It has been what they call “brittle” from the beginning. Nevertheless, I am well insured and of course carry all necessary documents for health treatment in an EU country. What could possibly […]
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    If something can’t go on for ever then eventually it will stop – so says Stein’s Law – attributed to the eponymous American economist. Senior Health service managers are now openly admitting that the NHS cannot continue in its current state. Writing in the Observer recently, Chris Hopson, Chief Executive of NHS Providers commented: ‘It is surely now time for our national health and political leaders to publicly acknowledge that the NHS can no longer deliver what is being asked of it for the funding available. The evidence that there is now an unbridgeable gap between what the NHS is […]
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