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    One of the prime concerns in almost every household is altered blood pressure. Every person craves for a sheer normality in blood pressure, but it is not always the case. As they age, more and more alterations and complications in the blood pressure levels emerges. It can go down resulting in low blood pressure or can also go up to a high level. Although there are no medications prescribed for treating low blood pressure, there are prescribed medicines for treating high blood pressure. The effects of changes in blood pressure are rapid; sudden changes results in initial conditions like dizziness, […]
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    No word has been more fashionable over the past twenty years than ‘community’; Community Care, Community Nurses, Community Physicians, Community Health Councils, even the poll-tax is beautified as the Community Charge. No ministerial speech is complete without some reference to it, and the urgency of returning tasks and responsibilities to it, previously supposed to have been undertaken by hospitals and welfare agencies. All this seems to assume that every­where real communities still exist, with the qualities and resources necessary for care. Do Communities Still Exist? Population data from national or regional statistics tell us very little about real communities. They […]
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