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    The alleged crisis in GP recruitment is a political red herring. The bigger issue is the deep need for a change to the structure of commissioning, writes Andrew Haldenby, in a recent report from the right wing think tank ‘Reform’. He goes on to argue that access to general practice via new technology remains in a relative Stone Age. Only 7 per cent of people report that they have booked appointments online. The current model of general practice is obsolete, it is true, and the Royal College of GPs knows this even if it is uncertain what to do about […]
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    Is there more to this than meets the eye? Ed Miliband has promised to restore citizens’ rights to get appointments with general practitioners (GPs) within 48 hours. This makes sense. The 48 hour access rule was part of a set of targets introduced under Blair to reduce waiting time for investigations of cancer and time spent in hospital A&E departments. The NHS’s natural tendency is to grow waiting lists, which Labour knew and tried to counter, but the Tories abolished the 48 hour rule in their enthusiasm for small government. The problem for Labour is that this rule is unpopular […]
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