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    In the coalition era, PMQs has become a pretty unedifying event. But, this week, it sank to a new low. In the Prime Minister’s absence, his Deputy picked up the Cameron textbook and followed it to the letter. In fact, he took it to a whole new level. Most of his replies did all, or a combination, of the following: evade the question; blame Labour; distort the facts; and celebrate a coalition policy unconnected to the original question. Clegg’s pantomime-style gestures to the massed Tory ranks behind him, inviting cheers for policies he and his Lib Dem MPs were never given a […]
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    This is NHS Check report no 3 originally published by Labour’s Shadow Health Team in  October 2012 The Government’s Health and Social Care Act 2012 legislated for a market in the NHS.  In this report, Labour can reveal new evidence of accelerating privatisation across all areas of the NHS: Community services This week, contracts for 396 services across England (including diagnostic tests, podiatry and adult hearing) worth over a quarter of a billion pounds begin to be signed in the biggest act of privatisation ever seen in the NHS Government ordered services to be put out – even though local commissioners had […]
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    Report on our seminar February 2013 chaired by Sally Brearley Chair of the Nursing and Care Quality Forum Jeremy Taylor Chief Executive, National Voices. Jeremy’s Manifesto for Patients: Patients are whole people, not just body parts.  They demand dignity, respect and compassion. They want services that actually join up around them, not just shared budgets.  Patients are citizens with rights.  Access to health is a human rights issue, and an equalities issue.   Citizens also have responsibilities.  They have a right to be heard, individually and collectively. We as patients are partners in our healthcare with our own expertise.  We expect proper conversations with clinicians. […]
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