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    Vacations are going on. The weather is pleasant, and your wife and kids want to spend quality time in a park. Your kids insist you on going outside, but you do not have any other option than to refuse. Why? The answer is allergies. Due to high pollen, or a greater proportion of dust in the air, you can only be out of the house for a short period. In allergic individuals, the immune system identifies these harmless substances as threats producing inappropriate responses. However, allergies are not at all desired. Every person wants to defeat the allergies infused in […]
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    About half of all households in the UK have a pet, with cats and dogs being the most popular. There are many benefits to having a furry four-legged family member – but did you know protecting your children against allergies is one of those benefits? That’s right, alongside being a loving companion, lowering stress, providing a more harmonious dynamic for the family and aiding in a child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development, they also protect against allergies! Are there any negatives to having a pet? There are, of course, conflicting arguments, with some believing that exposure to pets early […]
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