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    Whether e-cigarettes can help address health inequalities will depend on take-up in deprived communities – but cost and ‘faff’ are discouraging deprived smokers from switching, according to new research. The study involved community-based research in the North East of England with smokers and quitters over three years from 2012 to 2015. Research participants bought both tobacco and electronic cigarettes largely through informal outlets and personal networks – but for the very poorest, cost was a barrier to any e-cigarette use. Although £10 would buy a starter tank and e-liquid, smokers could get a week’s worth of illicit rolling tobacco for the […]
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     What the Experts at Serenity Recovery Are Saying People used to laughingly say that they caught an addiction from a friend. It was a bad joke among addicts and one that clean and sober people didn’t really appreciate. They saw it as a feeble attempt to deny they had a hand in their own addictive behaviors but as time goes on and there is more medical and scientific research being conducted by the day, there just might be some evidence that addiction can be ‘caught.’ Here are what experts around the country are saying and what Serenity Recovery rehab center […]
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