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    Sustainability and Transformation Plans became Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships by dint of a statement in the March 2017 NHS England Five Year Forward View Next Steps document. As both terms reduce to STP acronyms it’s not all that helpful. For the sake of clarity I will use ‘STP’ in its original ‘plan’ definition in this submission. Accountable Care Systems  are a flavour of generic Accountable Care Organisations. NHS England  has chosen to define and name a range of Accountable Care Organisations which include ACSs, ACPs, MCPs, PACSs and PCHs. If and when these variants are up and running we will […]
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    The always excellent ‘Health Service Journal’ (HSJ) analysed potential care reforms under a future Conservative Government in its 30 May 2017 issue. At the time the HSJ article was written and published most observers predicted that the future Conservative Government as of 9 June 2017 would have a huge majority. This turned out not to be the case so some of the controversial reforms detailed and picked over below may be delayed or may not now come about. The article led on the fact that NHS England (NHSE) is preparing to announce the first set of the newly christened ‘Accountable […]
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