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    Fabian Tract no 160 THE final aim of Socialism includes the socialization of the national wealth. But before coming to close quarters with this great problem we have to recognize that a large amount of spade work, of a nature less dazzling, perhaps, than direct Socialist propaganda, but not less necessary, must take the shape of organiz­ing for social purposes those services called the professions, which contain a large proportion of the intellectual and trained members of the community, by whose efforts, even though hitherto only to a small degree secured for public ends, the cause of social reform has […]
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    AUTHOR’S PREFACE TO THE THIRD EDITION. I HAVE written this little book for love, and the Liberal Publication Department are publishing it without profit, in order to spread knowledge of the details of a great measure of legislation which will affect a member or members of nearly every household in the land. The author appeals to the reader to help him in his task by assisting to circulate this work. Since the first edition was issued, it has unhappily become apparent that there are quarters in which it has been determined to deny fair play to the Act and to create prejudice against it. It is therefore incumbent […]
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