Looking for the perfect mattress? It can help you sleep better and this will impact your health and every aspect of your life. Sleep is something many of us overlook nowadays and many of us don’t get enough. These tips are going to help you find the right one – read on and see what to look out for.

Reconsider Your Size

Living situations change, and so can the number of people using your bed. Whether your kids are now grown, you have gotten a divorce, or simply want your own space, reconsider the bed size you actually need. A king sized bed may have been ideal when you were still married or the entire family gathered together to watch TV, but perhaps you can now look to a queen or a full size mattress for comfort like this Costco mattress. Of course, if you’re only just starting to move away from home, you will want to experience life beyond a twin mattress. Whenever you consider a new mattress size, also think of it as a fun bedroom makeover! You can use this opportunity to revamp your style or incorporate a more unique headboard.

Never Buy Before You Try

Most people just assume that any old mattress they choose will work for them, but nothing can replace getting a personal feel for the mattress in question. Head to a local furniture or mattress store and start testing different mattresses. Be prepared to spend at least 15 minutes testing one mattress! Curl up in your favorite position, roll around, sit up and lie down, and test the side of the mattress to gauge the firmness. Even if you plan on purchasing online, check out a physical model of the mattress you are considering.

**If you share a bed with your partner, do involve them in the mattress shopping. You may love a firm mattress, but they may prefer something on the softer side.

Know About Return Policies

Yes, you may have spent a good portion of your day trying mattresses in a store, but nothing can ever replace the first few nights you actually sleep on your new mattresses. You may discover along the way that the mattress you thought was perfect, isn’t! For this reason, many stores do offer a basic 30-day trial period to allow you to return or exchange your mattress if it doesn’t work out. Be aware that most stores will charge a restocking fee, so it is important to factor in these costs.

Think About The Firmness

There are no standardized measurements to highlight how firm a mattress needs to be, and that means there are going to be a lot of discrepancies between one manufacturer’s idea of firm versus another’s. Consider the descriptive terms used by a manufacturer as a guideline but certainly not a standard measurement.

**If you or a loved one has a bad back, finding a mattress can be tough. Most people falsely assume that an extra firm or extra soft mattress is the way to go. In actuality, most people with back or joint problems sleep best on a mattress in-between.

Skip The Pillow-Top

You’ve probably seen a vast number of mattresses claiming to add extra comfort by providing a pillow-top layer. Though it sounds luxurious, in most cases, it is an unnecessary extra cost. Most people notice that the pillow-top layer gives out well before the mattress itself. Additionally, many people who are either too light or too heavy notice that the pillow-top doesn’t provide comfort, but rather, achiness. Go with a reasonably comfortable basic mattress, and purchase a mattress topper you like for added comfort. 

Understand Mattress Options

There are generally four different types of mattresses that you can choose from: memory foam, traditional innerspring, hybrid combinations, and air mattresses such as Sleep Number. Much like with any other sizeable purchase you make, it’s best to consider the pros and cons of each mattress:

  • Memory foam mattresses are rather on the expensive side, but they provide the most comfort for people with joint pain and muscle aches. The downside to these mattresses is they are not ideal for romance and often get too hot during the summer. The Dozy Owl has a great guide to buying a memory foam mattress here which is worth checking out if you’re in the market for one.
  • Innerspring mattresses are very affordable and can come in a number of firmness measurements. They often provide good support and perfect for romance. On the downside, they wear out quickly and have to be replaced often.
  • A hybrid mattress can provide the best of both worlds: memory foam and traditional innerspring. If all goes well, you can purchase a comfortable hybrid. However, if both components are inferior, you’ll find yourself regretting the purchase.
  • Air mattresses are the most convenient of options as they allow you to choose your level of comfort on your side of the bed. However, this customization will cost you a pretty penny when it comes to finances.

Go Cheap With Your Foundation

If your bed is a platform bed, you won’t need to worry about a foundation (also known as boxsprings to some people). Of course, if you don’t own a platform bed frame, you will need to raise your mattress somehow to an ideal height, unless you wish to be close to the ground. Bear in mind that a foundation is technically wood box with a fabric outer layer, so there really is no need to spend a fortune on it. If your old foundation still fits your new mattress size, use it again as you can end up saving quite a bit of money. For a new mattress that needs a foundation, don’t purchase the one that your mattress would normally come with. Ask the store to offer you a cheaper substitute that may be perhaps an off-brand item.

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