The goodness with coroplast which is a sign and sheeting material is that it has various uses. This is a corrugated plastic sheet suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Because of its durability and affordability, it has become a popular choice for many people. If you’re considering using coroplast sheet, here are some things you need to know about this versatile material.

What is the coroplast sheet?

Coroplast is a corrugated plastic sheet which is plastic cardboard, and are made up of polypropylene twin-wall sheet. It has a zig-zagged layer of plastic that lies between two thin and smooth layers of plastic sheets. These corrugated plastic sheets are layered, making them extremely lightweight and shock absorbent. Plus, the sheet is water and stain-resistant, and resistant to some chemicals.

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer known for being incredibly stable. Most people choose the coroplast because of its polypropylene which is capable of withstanding exposure to cold, heat, and chemicals without degrading. Furthermore, polypropylene can be mixed with additives to provide it with special properties, such as UV-protection, flame resistance, corrosion inhibitors, or static resistance.

Uses of coroplast

The corrugated plastic sheets are versatile and usually suitable for outdoor signage. Therefore, you can use these sheets for various applications, like home security notices, parking signs, and real estate signs. You can also use them to build containers and for packaging. Many postal services use coroplast to construct their mail carriers because they are lightweight and sturdy.

Coroplast is also a favorite material in the printing industry. You can print an image onto acrylic and then apply it to the corrugated plastic sheet. Alternatively, you can print an image directly onto the corrugated plastic sheet. Best of all, this plastic sheet usually comprises of bright white color, ensuring that the full-color spectrum becomes appealing when printed on a corrugated plastic sheet.

The benefits of the coroplast plastic sheet 

One of the reasons why the coroplast has become popular over the years is because it can be used in various applications. You can find affordable, durable, lightweight, and sturdy coroplast at This combination helps it to be versatile, ensuring that you can use it in a variety of applications. Below are its main benefits in more detail:

  • Coroplast is known for withstanding from harsh weather conditions. It can be used in rainy or sunny conditions without affecting its properties. Besides this, it resists damage from rodents and insects. The material can last up to a year before showing signs of warping or discoloration when you display it outdoors in normal conditions. But it can last for many years if it’s kept indoors.
  • This corrugated plastic sheet is what you need for outdoor application if you desire something affordable. Cutting it and printing onto it doesn’t require highly specialized tools, making it an inexpensive process.
  • It’s easy to transport, distribute and display coroplast material. This means there is no need to worry about handling heavy materials that might require more work and expenses.
  • Coroplast is a sturdy and flexible material. This provides you with enough options to use the material the way you want to.

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