While emotional support animals provide their owners with various therapeutic benefits, caring for these animals can be both stressful and exhausting.  Regardless of how trying the pet can become, they will always love you and you will always care for them.  This article will provide the top seven ways you can show an emotional support animal how much you care for and love them.

1:  Exercise with the Animal

Exercising with your emotional support animal is an ideal method for both of you to get into shape.  In addition to burning calories, exercising is an opportunity to connect with the animal.  Regular exercise is an essential part of keeping the emotional support animal healthy, and without regular exercise they can become overweight and vulnerable to illness.

2:  Feeding them Appropriately

Feeding your emotional support pet all types of beneficial food is another method of showing affection and love.  It is important that you are careful when choosing the types of food or treats fed to the animal as different breeds require certain foods.  Visit Discount Pet Supplies, a pet shop in Glasgow, for their excellent range and check with professional vets to receive information regarding the recommended types of foods and treats.

It is also important to maintain you support pets weight. See this website for guidance.

3:  Taking the Animal for Regular Check-ups

Regular visits to the veterinarian are not only ideal for the pet, but also for your budget.  Routine check-ups help identify any illness early, such as food allergies or urinary tract infections, which can help avoid any problems and cure these before they become more severe and costly to treat.  Homeopathic remedies can also be utilised to treat and prevent these types of ailments for the overall well-being of the emotional support animal.

4:  Give them Suitable Affection and Attention

While this is true for dogs and cats, it is important to note that fish and birds also require constant love and dedication.  Similar to human beings, emotional support animals are social creatures, and this is why it is recommended you must take time out spending it with the pet.  This will allow them to receive the required physical and mental stimulation.  You can perform this task by using the following techniques:

–  giving the emotional support animal lots of room because the bigger the animal, the more room they will need.

–  purchasing play sets and toys for the emotional support animal to utilize.

–  offering the occasional treat when the animal shows good behaviour to encourage the behaviour and solidify the habits.

5:  Grooming the Animal

Regular grooming is essential as a method of caring for the emotional support animal.  Some top tips for grooming include the following:

–  trimming the nails to prevent any problems when the animal walks

–  brushing the animal’s teeth to avoid bad breath

–  brushing the animal’s hair to avoid hair loss

–  bathing the animal to reduce any itching to make them more comfortable

6:  Providing Positive Reinforcement

Whenever an emotional support animal behaves inappropriately, it is recommended that you treat them nicely instead of punishing them or yelling.  Positive reinforcement can assist in changing your pet’s behaviour and helps them to quickly learn good habits for the future.

7:  Eye and Ear Care

Emotional support animals, particularly cats and dogs, are prone to eye infections and ear mites.  Both of these conditions are treatable and steps can be taken to reduce the number of times the animal experiences ear problems.  One of the best ear care techniques an owner can use is to keep the pet’s ears clean and dry, as well as giving them a brief inspection during the daily grooming routine.

Eye problems are very common, so it is recommended that you take note of any watery eyes, inflammation or redness.  If these symptoms emerge, it could be a minor problem; however, it could also be something severe that needs professional treatment.  This is why the pet’s eyes need to be inspected daily and the surrounding fur needs to be kept clean.

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