Have you ever envisioned the end of the world when you are still around? This is something that people never think about. We all know that death is a final destination for everyone, but rarely do we think that the entire world can come to an end while we watch. The closest, perhaps, is the nuclear threats from nuclear powers, or even the advent of another world war.

However, there is a myriad of things that it happens, then it would mean the end of the world and the end of humanity. The prospects of them actually happening, is, however, remote, so you don’t have anything to worry about and you can go for online passport renewal and visit any country you want becoming the world will not be ending any time soon. Here are some of the ways through which the entire world would come to an end-:

A Nuclear War

This is the most thing that comes to mind when people think about the end of the world, and it is a real threat to humanity. Nuclear war is the last thing you would wish to witness while you are still alive. In case of a full-blown nuclear war, it would require a huge amount of nuclear to hurt the world.

The aftermath of the detonations will lead to massive radioactive contamination as well as the formation of nuclear winter where the radiation will stop the sun’s rays from reaching the earth. When that happens, the earth’s temperatures will go down for several years and this will lead to mass extinction of species, including man. Even if you manage to stay alive following the blast, all the environment will be contaminated for generations to come, and you will be doomed either way.

Natural Disasters


The Bible records an instance when the entire world was destroyed by flooding and so this means that natural disasters are also sufficient to put an end to humanity. But for the world to be destroyed in the manner, it would need a combination of several disasters taking place all at the same time. For example, if there is a supervolcanic eruption, this could easily trigger the end of the world. Such an eruption can produce a gargantuan amount of hot debris and the destruction that such debris may cause may be devastating to say the least. This will cause total confusion and disruption to the environment and the natural order, and deaths of species will commence immediately. Such an eruption may also trigger tsunamis and earthquakes and we are all aware of the kind of death and destruction these two can cause. Additionally, the climate would be affected, sun rays blocked from reaching the earth’s surface and with that, life will slowly start to fizzle out from the planet.

 Gamma Rays

With a gamma-ray burst, radioactive beams would be released into the earth’s atmosphere at the speed of light and they may cause all manner of explosions following the hypernovas and supernovas. But this good news is that such a possibility occurs only once in every five million years, and the gamma rays only come close to the outer space, but never close enough to have any tangible effects on the planet. Additionally, the Milky Way to which the earth belongs has a plethora of huge bodies which will need to be ignited by the rays first before they can finally reach earth. Though the chances of the earth being affected by these rays are very small, the consequences can be catastrophic if at all it comes to happen.

When the earth’s core cools down

For a very long time, the temperature at the earth’s core has been as hot as that of the sun’s surface and this is important to the sustenance of life on the surface. The earth’s core is a solid made of nickel and iron while the very outer core is made of very hot liquids. The interaction between the earth’s inner core and the outer core is what is responsible for earth’s magnetic fields. So what can really happen in the event that the core cools down?

earth core

To begin with, if the core was to cool down such that it turns into a liquid, then the earth would lose its magnetic field. The surface would then have no protection from the powerful solar winds as well as the lethal radiations from the sun. The solar winds alone would be sufficient to rip off the entire surface of the earth, including the tallest mountains and the oceans. Then the lethal sun’s radiation would fry any other thing that might have been remaining. After just a short while, the entire planet would be like Mercury.

The Sun


Contrary to the opinions of many, the sun will not be around forever. It also ages, and as that happens, the luminosity increases and it produces more and more solar radiation. As such, it is expected that the sun will grow stronger in the next few hundred million years, and with increased intensity, there will be an increase the global temperatures, leading to increased evaporation of water from the water bodies as well as flooding in several other places. The earth would be scorched, firestorms would then occur and the entire atmosphere would choke the life out of the world. But if you were planning on traveling the world, just go ahead and get your online passport renewal because it will not be until several hundred million years until that happens.

A collision with an Asteroid


The earth collides with meteors every now and then but these meteors are small enough and can’t shake the earth in any way. As a matter of fact, most of the meteorites usually disintegrate upon getting in contact with the earth. However, a dreaded collision would spell the end of the world would that with asteroids. Asteroids are bigger, wider and travel at a much higher speed than the meteors. It is estimated that an asteroid with a diameter of sixty miles would incinerate everything on earth upon impact. But we are lucky since it will be billions of years until the possibility of the earth colliding with an asteroid become real.

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