Are you thinking about buying a wrist watch online? Join the crowd! Watches have become popular with online purchases. But as you may have already discovered, many varieties of styles and brands can be a bit confusing. Here are some guidelines that hopefully help narrow your mind. There is a problem with the first size. Watches have grown a lot in the past few years. Although a typical men’s watch may have been measuring 32-35 mm a few years ago, men’s new watches are a little over 55 mm with an average of 38-42 mm. Rectangular watches are certainly shorter than round watches. If you are searching for the best in best watches the go for the Tudor is leading selling watch brand.

Quartz v. Mechanical

You may have heard the terms “quartz” watch and “mechanical” or “automatic” watch, but don’t really know what the difference is, or which is better. A quartz watch is just an electronic clock, usually powered by a battery, though some are solar, and others are powered by dynamic power. A good quality quartz watch is extremely accurate and reliable. They are also relatively less expensive than mechanical watches. The only maintenance they require is occasional battery replacement. Quartz Watch is a great choice for most people who just want a cheap, reliable watch to save time.

Analog vs. digital

Analog watches are just handheld watches. A digital clock is a clock that has a small LED or LCD screen that displays the time in digital form. Analog watches are considered to be somewhat more elegant as well as traditional. Analog clock work is usually limited to time, day, date and stop watch or alarm. Digital watches provide more functionality than analog watches. Some new digital watches are equipped with functions such as electronic compasses, ultimatums, barometers, thermometers, timers, and multiple alarms.

Swiss vs. Japanese

The world’s best watches are made in Switzerland or Japan. The Japanese are probably better known for the quartz watch. Seiko, Citizen and Casio are the biggest manufacturers of Japanese watches and highly respected for their quality. When you buy a Swiss watch, look for a small label on the dial that says “Swiss Made.” It guarantees that the watch was manufactured in Switzerland and meets the minimum standards required by the Swiss government. Swiss mechanics are famous for watches, but also produce high quartz watches.

Leather vs. metal bracelet

This is mostly about taste, but there are other factors to consider. Leather straps are very comfortable, lightweight and have a lot of wear, but it is important to periodically replace them because the sweat and dirt on your wrists will cause them to fade over time. Metal bracelets are more popular in the United States than in other locations and are very durable, though some people consider them less comfortable. Rubber straps combine the durability of metal bracelets with leather comfort. Rubber straps are becoming more acceptable under worn out conditions and sometimes appear on expensive watches.

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