Do you know that webinars help to keep medical professionals with latest innovations in the healthcare industry? That, webinars reveal new research studies on how to treat patients?

Do you know that online webinar accounts for 45% as the most used marketing tactic by marketers in 2018 according to LinkedIn Technology marketing community? In addition,

76% of B2B buyers  use webinars to search for purchase decisions.

Do you know a well-created and presented online webinar can increase your attendees CRO?

Do you know how to create such webinar, one that will attract, educate, convince and help attendees take action and buy your services?

Don’t worry this article will guide you on how to create a converting webinar.


Choose webinar topic that your readers love and have interest

Do you want to use your webinar to convert leads to customers? Well, choose a topic that is interesting to them. Present to attendees a webinar topic that they love.The online webinar topic should easily convince them to take action.


How to get interesting online webinar topics

  • Choose one of your most popular blog posts as a topic for your online webinar.
  • Use the main keywords that readers used to find your content. You can install jetpack plugin or Google Analytics. These plugins help you identify the keywords.

Include a call-to-action at the end of the presentation

You have a goal for each webinar you create, don’t you?

Having a great call-to-action for your webinar is essential. Create compelling CTA that your attendees will ignore.

Here are some questions to help you create compelling CTA.

  • What are my attendees’ pain points?
  • How is my webinar going to help solve these pain points?
  • What do I want my attendees to gain from my webinar?
  • What do I want to sell to my attendees and how am I going to do so?

Answering these questions will help you create a call-to-action that will increase your CRO

Structure your webinar with timing

Keep your webinar length within 30-45 minutes. Your attendees are busy, and there are many disturbances: Facebook, Instagram, family issues, etc. Keeping your webinar short help attendees focus on your presentation.

Short as it is; ensure your online webinar message is clear to your attendees for them to take immediate action.

Here is a simple timing for the online webinar


  • Introduction (5minutes) Introduce your topic to attendees. Let them know what they will learn from the webinar.
  • Main presentation(30 minutes) the presentation covers your webinar goal in depth.You do not want to present any webinar but one that will increase your CRO.
  • Q&A session (10 minutes) Give attendees time for questions. Ensure that you effectively answer your attendees’ questions.

According to, the best time to present webinaris 11am PST(2 p.m. EST)

It is essential to know the best day to present your webinar. According to LiveStorm online webinar statistics, the best days to invite people to webinar are Tuesday and Wednesday.

Select the best tools to present your webinar

Your online webinar tools play a crucial part in the success of your presentation. It is essential to use the best tools to create your webinar.

Using poor audio tools, for instance, can lead to loss of conversion. Because of poor tools, it will be difficult for attendees to follow up on the presentation.

Use the best webinar app to reach out to many attendees that use mobile phones.

According to latest ClickMeeting webinar report,32% of attendees joined webinars using mobile devices.

To increase conversions, ensure that your attendees can access your webinar through mobile devices.

Create a winning pitchfor your services/products

For increased CRO from your webinar, you need to have an excellent pitch. Your main goal is to convert attendees to clients, right?

You need to create a pitch that attendees cannot resist. Here is a simple guide on how to achieve that.

  • Introduce your product features. Explain in details how each feature is going to help solve attendees’pain points.Let attendees know how each feature is going to contribute to help solve their challenges.
  • Let the attendees know how your product is important to them. How is it going to help solve their pains compared to your competitors’products?
  • After gaining attendees trust and attention, give them offer they cannot resist. Let the offer prompt them to take action.

For instance, if your product is selling at $1000 give a certain percentage discount to your attendees. That will make it easy to buy the product. Alternatively, you can give them payments in installment.

  • Pay $500 for two months.
  • Pay $250 for four months

Choose the right speakers for your webinar

It is essential to have experienced guest speaker for your webinar. Your speaker should be able to present your webinar topic professionally.

Throughout the presentation, the guest speaker should present the content to prompt attendees to take action.

The speaker should be able to handle all attendees’ questions. Based on the format of the webinar you can have one speaker or two if it is a Q&A interview webinar.


A great webinar can result in high attendees’ conversion rate. Use the above tips to create a high converting webinar for your business.

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