Getting in shape is easier than it has ever been in the past due to the innovative technology that is out today. Fitness apps are quickly replacing gym membership fees and personal trainers.

Dropping the gym and trainer is easy, but finding the right fitness app can be a bit more difficult. Instead of making this a chore, look for these 5 features in your new fitness regime.

5 Features of the Best Fitness Apps

1. It’s personalized to your needs.

The best fitness apps take a lot into consideration, including your fitness goals and your gender, age, height, and weight. They also save your results and use them to track your goals and adjust your workout.

2. They alert you and hold you accountable.

With push notifications that send you alerts when you have forgotten your workout, these apps hold you accountable like your gym buddy or trainer might – that is if you don’t just block them, ignore them, or disappear from the app forever. If you use the notifications right, you won’t ever forget to work out.

3. They offer different workouts.

Many fitness apps give you one set workout with differentiated regimes. The best fitness apps offer workouts based on your goals. Do you want to lose weight? Run a marathon? Build muscle? Are you at the beginning, intermediate, or advanced level of fitness? How long do you have for your workout and what are your preferred gym activities? All of these are taken into account and the workouts are adjusted for your preferences in a good app.

4. They are interactive.

There is a lot of supporting research and data that backs the theory that music gets us moving. The same theory applies to interactive workouts – when you have someone encouraging you, even a voice through your earbuds, you are more apt to continue your workout.

The best fitness apps include music you love that gets you energized and going along with other types of audio to push you and motivate you. Every person’s motivation and music choice is different, so in apps like Aaptiv’s audio-based fitness workouts, you can choose your preferences.

5. They combine other features with their fitness workouts.

Any trainer worth a grain of salt knows that working out won’t give you your optimal results if it’s not done in combination with a few other components. You need to drink enough water, eat the right food, and get enough sleep in order for your workout to be fully successful.

The best apps take these aspects into consideration and integrate them in some form with their workouts. It’s your job from there to be sure your water intake is sufficient, your diet is healthy, and you are getting sufficient sleep.

The Best Fitness App For You is Out There

Whether you are using your app in place of the gym or along with it, your fitness app can quickly turn into your best friend. No matter what level your body is at, you can jump right in and start your new healthy lifestyle today.

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